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3rd Dec 2008, 04:48
Just to let anybody know that Tesco Internet Phone has added Thailand Landlines to it's 'Anytime World' plan – it costs £5.95 per month for unlimited calls (you do have to hang up every 70 mins) if anybody's interested.


You have to buy an internet phone (for Macs you need to buy a Dual Phone which works when the computer is off) we bought ours from Tesco so I don't know if non-Tesco phones work too. And of course the family has to have a landline.

Hope this helps
Christopher Holland

3rd Dec 2008, 05:49
or for 1p a minute to mobiles dial 08448 612121 00668 ---- ----. That's 595 minutes or 9 hours and 55 minutes for £5.95.
Just wondered how many thai's had landlines??? Don't think any of the thai's i know have landlines. Up north i think they still use smoke signals!!! ;)

Robert 5000
3rd Dec 2008, 14:23
Try 08442009898 00668.... this is 1/2p per minute

3rd Dec 2008, 23:22
good lord, it can't get much cheaper than that !!! :thumb:

4th Dec 2008, 00:00
Yes, I know what you mean, my family doesn't have a landline – just trying to help those that might.

Incidentally, your phone provider must charge you to call an 08448 number? Am I right to think that the 1p per minute is what the 08448 company charges but you have to pay to call it as well?


4th Dec 2008, 01:07
Am I right to think that the 1p per minute is what the 08448 company charges but you have to pay to call it as well?

No that is not right. The 1p per minute is all one would pay.

But take care, 1p per minute is what BT customers would be charged. Other providers might charge a different rate.

But why use Tesco when voipdiscount.com continues to be much cheaper ..... 0p per minute to both Thai landlines and Thai mobiles. Just throw €10 into the account every 120 days and all the calls are free. And even that €10 can be used for other calls that are chargeable.

4th Dec 2008, 02:15
Hi John

I'll have a look at VoipDiscount.com it sounds like it's worth trying but I've tried loads of methods - Gizmo, skype other Voip etc and the Tesco line is really clear - sometimes Cat's mum would have to walk around the house to hear her on other providers but now it's crystal clear - and Cat thinks it's the best line, somethings you can't explain to your Thai wife so I let her get on with it. It's a pay-as-you go thing - buy 5hrs to Thai mobile for £3.25 so it's not that expensive.

Thanks for the advice. I'll check the VoipDiscount site.

4th Dec 2008, 05:07
Utility warehouse also have an internet phone line which does not rely on your computer being active to make calls.
if you are on their free calls package then you get free local,national and international calls to 10 destinations.
unfortuneatly thailand is not one of them yet but you can still phone there for 1/2ppm or 1ppm.
the other benefit with this phone line is that your local std number will travel with you when you go to thailand or anywhere else for that matter and you can call the uk for free from wherever you are depending on your free call package and time of day.
and it only costs £2 per month https://www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk/home/home_phone/ has all the details.

9th Dec 2008, 03:29
Thanks Robert 5000 Will put the number in my book