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28th Jan 2005, 14:54
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Jan Dara - จันดารา (2001) (http://www.ethaicd.com/show.php?pid=4177&asso=1049)

Year : 2001

Directed by กำกับโดย :

Nonzee Nimibutr
Starring นำแสดงโดย :

Sunwinit Panjamawat, Santisuk Promsiri, Christy Chung Lai-Tai, Eekarat Sarsukh
Genre ประเภท : Drama

Nonzee Nimibutr's third film is a sexy presentation of a popular Thai story and is one of several film versions made over the years. Details of this and other adaptations of the story can be found here (http://www.ethaicd.com/list.php?keyword=jan+dara&asso=1049).

Jan Dara's life was blighted from the moment his mother Dara died while giving birth to him. Dara's husband Khun Luang hated the boy from that moment. That was why he named him Jan, short for Janrai ("accursed"). Khun Luang viewed the boy with hatred and treated him cruelly, beating him and locking him in a 'ghost room' for daring to grieve for his mother. Jan Dara's earliest memory was of seeing Khun Luang have sex with a maid, right in front of a portrait of his sexual desires, and didn't care who in the household knew about it. When Dara's old friend Waad arrived from Pijit to be a surrogate mother to the boy, Khun Luang lost no time in adding her to his list of conquests. When Aunt Waad bore Khun Luang a daughter, Kaew, the doting patriarch taught the child to hate Jan Dara as much as he did himself. Jan Dara grew up surrounded by immoral and licentious acts and perhaps blurred them in his mind with both the image of his beloved mother and the cruelty of his hated father. Does Jan Dara take revenge on Khun Luang, or follow in his lurid footsteps?

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9th Jun 2005, 09:16
Well I'm shocked! For a Thai film there's a lot more sex than I was expecting (although the DVD cover does hint a little)! It's a classic story and there are some good scenes but you feel a bit thrown off course by some of the sex scenes which are throewn in just for a bit of titilation!! Good acting though don't expect it to be a nice easy, laid back watch!! What did anyone else think?