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  1. Where's Tobias gone?

    Over the course of a year I receive a great many PMs seeking assistance on one matter or another.

    Whilst I'm generally happy to answer queries from Community Members, for reasons discussed in this topic I prefer to answer any Legal or Visa related questions in the open forums rather than via PM.

    If you have sent me a PM and are awaiting a reply the chances are I am away from home and/or either busy or have limited access to the internet. When I do have the opportunity ...

    Updated 2nd May 2013 at 23:00 by Tobias

    Tags: tobias
  2. Our sponsorship of Ka

    Thanks to funds raised through our Premium Membership Scheme, we are now sponsoring a child through The Thai Children's Trust.


    Name: Ka
    Date of birth: 4th Jan 2003
    Arrival date: 2nd Sep 2003
  3. Away from the forums for a few weeks.

    I shall be away in the USA until Sunday, 9th June 2013.

    If you are waiting on me for a reply to a PM or post, please see here.