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28th Apr 2017

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  • 28th Apr 2017
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    Thailand_UK eGroup Founded (2000)

    On 28th April 2000, frustrated by the sparse amount of information available on all aspects of Thai-UK relations, Lee took the bull by the horns and created the Thailand_UK internet discussion group on what was then called eGroups.

    Hoping to share knowledge and opinion with others, his initiative soon paid off as new members signed up for the group and the exchange of information began.

    eGroups eventually merged with Yahoo groups and within a year membership of the Thailand_UK Yahoo group had grown to well over 200. Lee was going away on holiday and asked for someone to assist with the moderating the group. The person daft enough to volunteer was Paul (maokaang).

    As time went on, many of the same questions were being asked over and over, not least of all regarding visas. An idea was brought forward to create a separate website aimed at covering the most commonly asked questions from the Yahoo Group.

    By December 2001, Paul had registered a website and completed the initial work to unleash an infant

    By mid-2002, membership of the Yahoo Group had reached 450 and more than 6000 messages had been posted. The rate of new registrations was growing rapidly and it soon became clear that a more structured message board was needed to help deal with the ever increasing volume of posts. Yahoo groups is an excellent medium, but messages are not separated into threads nor categories and it was becoming difficult to follow any one particular discussion. Posts would sometimes go unanswered, instead getting lost among a deluge of others.

    To answer the call, in August 2002, Paul purchased a UBB.classic license, bulletin board software created by Infopop, and set to work building the first incarnation of what is now called the Thailand-UK Forums. The Forums were ready by the end of September 2002 and founder members of the Yahoo Group were invited to sign up to test and check out the new format.

    We've since been through several transitions to arrive at what you see now, but ....

    It all began back in April 2000 with Lee's Thailand_UK egroup.

    Long may it continue.