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Following on from the photo thread suggestions I thought I'd give it a go too. Seeing as it's coming round to that time of year again, this one seemed like a good start....


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Updated 8th Mar 2011 at 15:33 by maokaang

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  1. guava's Avatar
    Great fun shot! How did you keep the camera dry?
  2. toddmeister's Avatar
    Hi guava, this was taken on my first ever trip to Thailand a few years ago. I had never heard of Songkran before and wasn't prepared at all. Managed to keep the camera dry with a little bit of improvisation.....manipulation of a 7Eleven carrier bag saved the camera!!
  3. Ally's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    This shot certainly captures the fun of Songkran. Unfortunately it's a time of yar i can never make so nice to see some good pictures capturing the events.

  4. toddmeister's Avatar
  5. toddmeister's Avatar
  6. ddwjg's Avatar
    Toddmeister. The most impressive thing about your first songkran shot is that, thankfully, there are only Thais in it, and it shows their enjoyment to the full. Great pic. Dave.
  7. toddmeister's Avatar
    Thanks Dave, think I got lucky with this one. It's still one of my favourite pics when I'm looking back through my old photo's