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Bangkok street shots

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Ok, as i started the photo thread, i seem to be the only one who has not posted a photo as of yet so here goes.....

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  1. Ally's Avatar
    Yeah it works. I'll post a few more when i get back from work.....
  2. ddwjg's Avatar
    Ally, just curious, but was this taken as a b/w photo, or changed in the processing? Dave.
  3. guava's Avatar
    Great mono portrait, the slight vignette works very well here.
  4. Ally's Avatar
    Cheers guys and thanks for the comments. I took this in Bangkoks China Town whilst out roaming the market. The gent was more than obliging to have his picture taken.

    The shot was taken in colour and processed using Apple Aperture and Nik software converting it to B&W and adding a slight vignette.