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Maha Sarakham: Phrathat Nadun

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One day whilst we were on a trip to Janny's home town, we took a day out with the family and they told me we were going to a temple. A lot of the time after you've seen one temple they pretty much all look the same, so I was really impressed when I saw this place....

Amazing place!!


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Updated 9th Mar 2011 at 09:43 by maokaang



  1. m0ntecarl0's Avatar
    Great photo's Steve - thanks for sharing them with us......where in Maha Sarakham are these temples out of interest? We are in Kalasin and would like to know where they are so we can visit next time. Thanks, Chris
  2. toddmeister's Avatar
    Hi Chris, The temple was around 45mins to an hours drive south of Sarakham, about 60km from the town center. Sorry I can't give you detailed directions. I was driving but it was a case of the family just pointing and telling me what direction to go in . From looking at the map I think we headed south on highway 2040 from Sarakham town center. So I guess maybe 1hr30mins from kalasin? Cheers Steve
  3. guava's Avatar
    Great shots Steve. Looks like a really interesting temple to visit, I don't recall ever seeing pics of it before.
  4. toddmeister's Avatar
    Thanks guava, Yeah I was very surprised when we pulled into the carpark and this place came into view. I wasn't expecting anything like it at all. Since I came back home I've tried searching on the web, mainly to confirm the name and try and find out a bit more about the place but there's very little out there about it.