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Volcanoes and Redshirts

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These photos were taken a day before I was supposed to fly back to the UK in April last year. This was also at the time when the ash cloud was causing chaos all over Europe and I wasnt even sure if my flight would go ahead. Anyway I had been down in Phuket and decided I had better go up to Bangkok just incase because my airline couldn't tell me for sure if my flight would be cancelled. So I got to Bangkok and with an afternoon spare I thought I'd take the Skytrain to Siam and have a look around the malls....

When I got off the skytrain all of the malls were closed and barricaded off. The road was lined with redshirts, mainly sleeping or sitting around eating. With everything closed all I could do was take a walk around and take a few pics...

The next day with the ash cloud not going anywhere my airline confirmed my flight was cancelled and I wouldn't be able to fly home for at least a another week. That afternoon I flew back down to Phuket to rejoin my gf and over the following week we watched on tv as these calm protests escalated into the riots that followed.

On a plus point, in total I had an extra ten days in LOS because of the ash cloud which gave me and Janny a chance to spend some extra much needed time together. I'm back over soon and will obviously be doing my "volcano dance" as soon as I land in LOS


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