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    Completely agree with canadaguy and Tobias there, that's exactly what I've been telling my wife - if you don't understand something, don't sit there looking blank, tell them what you don't understand.

    Thanks to Visa2Go for the info on listening section ... I don't suppose you have a sample of a text and questions? Would be very useful for prep. The only sample I've found doesn't include the text and questions for the listening section:

    If anybody else has found any samples or practice questions, I'd appreciate if you could share them. The more practice the better I reckon.


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    Try these, not exactly the same as the test maybe, but should be helpful. I will look for more when I have more time.

    good luck.

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    All practice is good practice but please remember that each test body has it's own format for testing. As someone noted there is an element of exam technique and it is important to know exactly what format the test will take.
    We also found it useful to have a friend / family member help with the preparation. Just before M took the test my sister spent a few hours with her. Whilst it did decend into fits of giggles (roleplay : M a vegetarian going into a cafe to ask for food and drink ...... "Can I have a chicken sandwich ?") two very useful learning points came out of their practice.
    Firstly M got to be questioned with none of the subconsious language allowances that I made during our practice. Secondly a a roleplay my sister took her through several "999 emergency calls". Again fits of giggles but I am ashamed to say that I had never covered this with her. At least now she knows what to do in the event of a fire, accident etc.

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    Here in Thailand there are several test centres operating. In Pattaya, for instance, there are two separate companies offering the A1 level test for visa applications. One of them is the sponsor of this forum, who works with a Thai company that claims, wrongly, to be the only A1 test centre in Pattaya. They, however, are the most expensive of the two A1 test centres ( currently 1,000 baht more expensive ). To find a suitable test centre in Pattaya, or elsewhere in Thailand, check the VFS website ( VFS are the visa application centre in Bangkok ). Both test centres in Pattaya offer pre-test seminars which will give the applicant an informal experience of how the real test operates, and will allow the applicant to see if their English is up to the required standard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke View Post
    Very true, and exactly what I've been telling my wife ... hopefully it's sinking in.

    Thanks Visa2Go for info on the test. We're trying to do some prep, has anyone found any sample tests? We've been looking at the speaking and listening sections in the sample below, but it doesn't include the extract and questions for the listening section:

    Has anyone found anything else? I'm hoping some practice will help avoid the "rabbit in the headlights" effect.

    You're right that the EMD sample test isn't much help in preparing anyone for the second part, and they have divulged no other practice papers to us. What I have previously suggested in another thread is to look back through the A1 paper, to which you have provided the link, to the first section - the Reading tasks. Take the first one, not for your wife to read it, but for you to read it to her, and then ask her the 'true or false' questions. If she can handle that, she's well on the way to passing the test. Remember, nobody's expected to be perfect, the pass mark is 50%.

    As a general comment I would say that sponsors need a degree of objectivity about their partners' ability in English. I know some Brits who only speak pidgin English to their partners, most of whom in my opinion might struggle in a test situation. Luke is being realistic in trying to get some practice in before his wife takes the test.

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    Parts of this might help her practice. Listen to the dialogue section, then try the role play for the same section. One voice is left out for her to answer.

    You can also show her pictures of anything and ask her to describe what she sees in the picture.

    I have no idea how the test centres are approved in Thailand, but you must make sure that wherever you go to do the test, that the British Embassy/UKBA will accept the certificate from them. Do not just take anyones word that they are "approved by the British Embassy", remember many visa agents " guarantee a visa", when no one can guarantee any such thing. I suppose VFS will have a list of approved centres, good luck with that!

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    I also found this guideline from one of the language schools. It may not be exactly the same as the test centre you go to, but it will give you an idea of the range of topics she might be asked. Remember the A1 level is very basic.

    Candidates may have to:
    • respond to and express greetings, introductions and farewells
    • respond to and express thanks
    • ask for and give information
    • describe people, including themselves
    • spell their name and address
    • describe activities
    • describe possessions and everyday items
    • instruct and direct people
    • express likes and dislikes
    • handle simple numbers up to 100, simple costs, quantities, time and dates
    • ask for repetition or clarification when they do not understand
    THEMES AND VOCABULARY for communicative tasks
    The themes and vocabulary required at Level A1 Foundation will relate to:
    • personal information about oneself
    • home and daily life, family and friends
    • leisure time activities
    • their own occupations
    • everyday items
    • travel information and transport
    • shopping – simple transactions
    • food and drink and ordering a meal
    • goods and services
    • simple street directions
    • seasons and weather
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    A belated update on this - we booked the test with Visa2go, and paid an additional 1000 baht for some pre-test practice/coaching. Pin aced the test - 74%, the results took a couple of weeks to come through and the certificate arrived a couple of days later in the post.

    We were very happy with the service from Visa2go. Although I was aware of other tests out there for a thousand baht less, the EMD test looked relatively straightforward to me. That could be completely inaccurate of course, just my perception.

    I'm sure the practice helped Pin, so big thanks from both of us for the previous posts.

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    I never thought of sending my wife to PAKISTAN for her English Test. Now theres an idea!

    Next time you decide to troll forums just have a quick look on goolge maps and note the difference between THAILAND and PAKISTAN!

    THAILAND and PAKISTAN! How did you make such a mix up? They don't even sound the same and are about 2k miles apart!
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    boarbaboon, many thanks for your quick 'Report', thanks to you we were able to swiftly remove the spam - and all the false claims they made.
    Tobias - โทเบียส
    If you want to know where I am, follow me on my Thailand-UK Blog.

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    Hi Denis

    This is Jon from Training Connect. We sponsor the site and have a test centre in Glasgow. Does your spouse still need the test?

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    Can anyone tell me what the TOEIC® Listening & Reading test and the speaking and writing test consists of as my daughter in law, Munita went for this over 3 weeks ago and she said it was all done on the pc.
    She is not pc literate so she failed the test (30 and 12 was her score) and we don't know where to go from here?

    Is it best if she goes back to the Centre for Professional Assessment for them to guide her through test examples or what?
    My son is going over to see her in 10 days and we need help as what to do from this.
    I'd appreciate any help.
    She said the first english test she did at the end of last year (which they didn't give her the certificate) was done face to face with a person.



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    Hi Ann. My girlfriend took the TOEIC speaking test today. There are a few examples on the internet of what it entails. We practiced with these for a few weeks beforehand.

    It is, indeed, done on a pc.

    Try these:


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