Hi guys !

Am getting confused about this A1 test stuff . My wife has recently been to bkk and did a test for Listening and Reading and passed well above the score you need . Now she is telling me that she needs to pass a speaking and writing test as well. Now she has given me a link to the company website ets toeic i think there called and the example she has been given of the test is level b1 - c2 . now ive asked her bout this and she says there isnt an a1 test on its own it is all together eg a1 a2 b1 b2 c1 and so on . So i would liked to know why she is being made to take all these levels ? if she only needs a1 ? so has the uk level requirements changed ? or has anyone else came across this ? . If any 1 could explain this it would be a real big help because i am having difficulty understanding it from my wife . thanks for taking the time to read this guys hope to hear from some one soon thanks !