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Thread: Birthday Cake

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    Default Birthday Cake

    Bit of a long shot for anyone who lives in and around Udon Thani.

    My wife wants to send a Birthday Cake to her mother and I was wondering if anyone knew of a Bakers who does delivery and can do on line or over the phone order.

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    louialive, I initially thought of the City Lodge and Bakery and a baker they had there a few years ago called Andy and then thought of the owner of the Irish Clock called Steve, however, both have changed hands.

    After a bit of tracking though I think Andy (excellent Brit baker) is now at the Yummy Bake and Beer:-
    49/21 Adulyadej Rd. (By the Wattana Nuwong Rd. intersection), Udon Thani
    Directions – leaving Central Plaza on your left, Turn left at Tawan Daeng, then Turn Left on Adulyadej Rd.. Yummy is about 30 mt down on your right.
    Ordering Tel. # 087-237-4569 (English) 081-954-3298 (Thai)

    and in case they can't help the new brit owner of the Irish Clock, Trevor, can be contacted:-
    The Irish Clock
    19/5-6 Sampantamitr Road
    Makkhang Muangonthani
    Udon Thani

    +66 4224 7450
    +66 4224 7304

    19/5-6 ถ.สัมพันธมิตร เมืองทองธานี จ.อุดรธานี 41000

    Hope you have success :-)
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    Thanks for going to all this trouble. Will contact them Thursday

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