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    Default Thai Beer Preferences

    Phetchy's post trying to convince Mrs Phetchy he should put more Archa into stock due to the water shortage got me thinking it's only 6.5 weeks till my next Ice Cold Archa !!

    In order of Preference my Thai Bottled Beer League Table is...

    1...Archa (why is this one so much cheaper than the others when it is actually strounger than some of the them ??)
    3...Leo (all the locals in Mai's Dark Side Soi in Pattaya and all the locals in her North West Village prefer this one)

    And here's a question, what's the beer in this picture, far right ?

    beer cans.jpg

    When i created this attachment the picture i copied was much smaller and "unreadable". I can now see what the beer is. Sorry.

    OK then, anyone know or recommend any more regional beers ?

    Nothing to do with beer but the c-sip drinkers up in Mai's Village all swear that the Utteradit brew is much better than the Nakhon Sawan version.
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