Hi All

Does anybody know if these courses are still available at this time and thus still able to be used for ILR purposes ?, the Cohesion Legal option in Manchester looks great if still open to be used as part of ILR applications. That said should we take the course at some point next year 2012 say during the Summer then by the time Chanita would need to apply for ILR in 2013 could these courses no longer be considered exceptable as a route to ILR ?, i don't want to get Chanita on the course and passed say Summer 2012 only to find in 2013 that this is no longer deemed a valid route as the goal posts have been moved.

In general would you guys who have been down this road of LIUK / ESOL / ILR advise taking the test / course during the 2nd year always (in our case 2013) or would you advise getting this out of the way as soon as possible during the first year?.

I know under the present system the ESOL collage courses drop significantly in cost during the 2nd year of someone being in the UK so if we do take that route i would rather wait until 2013 as the course cost in Reading Collage drops by more than half the price if Chanita has been in UK a year already.

Also finally i see so many of you guys talking of Naturlization after ILR is granted and obtaining British passport ect but can somebody please explain to me in simple terms the advantage of this (taking Naturlizartion).

John & Chanita