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    Default Copy of passport and....

    Question time again..555

    Putting together a fiancé visa atm.
    So do I need to send a notarised or certified copy of my passport? they seem to be differen,with the notarised copy being a hell of a lot more dollar than getting a certified one.
    What needs certified or notarised.. Just the photo page?

    Thanks again

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    I self certified my passport, which was accepted by the embassy, for our fiance visa

    I photocopied every page, signed and dated them.

    I think this is all that is required by the ECO's

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    Hi Wylos

    As posted above by Unobeano, i recently submitted a self certified passport which was excepted without issue by the ECO / Embassy.
    Just photocopy all pages and certify, sign and date each page - easy

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    Me too, it was 'only' a Visit Visa, but I signed the copies of my passport myself, visa was approved, no questions asked.

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