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    Default Shengen for Spain?

    Hi all,

    A little help with some info on a Shengen for Spain please. My wife has just arrived here on her settlement visa. I have never looked at how the Shengen works because I never thought we would be able to afford a holiday for a long time. However, we have just been offered the opportunity for the use of a family friends apartment in Spain for a week next June, we would just need to cover the cost of flights.

    Could someone please point me in the direction for info on how to obtain a Spanish Shengen for my wife or has anyone done it recently? After all the stress of applying for my wife's settlement visa, if its going to be too hard we probably won't bother. But if its a relatively simple process it would be nice to take my wife somewhere other than Thailand

    Many Thanks

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    She will love Spain , It s not hard to get schengen visa and will be free for your wife , But i used Portuguese schengen for Spain , We never think of getting visa from Spainish .

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    This should get you started, todd.

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    This should get you started, todd.
    Started on the road to a nervous breakdown.

    Apply to the German Embassy, its far quicker and easier. You can do it by post and it only takes a few days (off course that trip to Dusseldorf you are planning falls through at the last minute and you decide to go to Spain instead)

    The Spanish don't play by EU rules when it comes to schengen visas and you will end up tearing your hair out.
    If you're offended by any assistance I give, it says far more about you than it does me.

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    Yes, don't put yourself through an application to the Spanish Embassy or Consulate. They charged me for my step-daughter's visa because they said I'd not legally adopted her! They were, as Keith stated, frustratingly difficult to deal with. And when we went to get our passports back they wouldn't give them to us, even though the office was fully open, saying that we could only collect them between 12.00 and 1.00 (when both me and the wife were at work). I pointed out to them that my passport is the property of The Crown, I've been entrusted as it's guardian, and if they didn't return it immediately I'd call the police. Their arrogance melted instantly and the passports were returned within seconds. Not sure they'll give us another visa though .

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    I agree with the above posts, my dealings with the Spanish over a Schengen visa reinforced my view of the lack of benefit to the normal person about being in the EU! They were horrendous, but that was a few years back, though little seems to have changed. Keith has the right answer IMHO, but be genuine and remember that for a spouse(family member) of an EU Citizen the Schengen should be free and expidited and there will be some sections on the form (used to be marked *) that you don't need to complete.

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    Don't go there (the Spanish Embassy that is) the country is fine.

    colin 244

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