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    Default Glasgow, Scotland

    A good friend of mine (Chinese) has just purchased an old established Chinese restaurant in Glasgow.
    He and his business partner are renovating the property and are planning to open an authentic Thai restaurant.
    He asked me last night if I could ask around/ source a Thai chef and kitchen staff. He would prefer a ‘team’ (husband and wife?).
    He indicated that accommodation could be provided.
    Only people with appropriate qualifications and ‘status’ are to be considered. Nearer the time, I will post again and I will pass on contact details via PM’s. Rightly or wrongly, these positions will NOT be advertised in adverts or agencies.
    My friend’s business partner has a son who is married to a Thai/Chinese lady who is an accountant. She will be running the establishment. I mention this to outline the restaurant will essentially be Thai run (just in case this makes a difference to people not wanting to work for Chinese).
    While they wish to provide ‘authentic’ Thai cuisine, I feel the Glaswegian public as a whole are not ready for this and being able to ‘westernize’ the food may be required.
    Judging others before you have met isn't a wise option.

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    'Authentic' is a never going to be possible. The word relating to Thai food, changes with every region you visit.

    Even with Chinese restaurants. If you visit Chinatown in London, there are restaurants that serve authentic Chinese food inc. chicken's feet, duck's tongue, pig's innards etc. which are frequented by 'ethnic' Chinese and SE Asians, who love it, but for most 'westerners' this stuff would be unpalitable.

    Gordon Ramsey's recent TV series gives good examples of this.

    I think the best use of the word 'authentic' in the UK is the knowledge that Thais are doing the cooking. The food has to be westernized, as you say, and any experienced chefs would know this.

    Good luck in your quest.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ian1208 View Post
    ................. and being able to ‘westernize’ the food may be required.
    i.e. leave out 90% of the chili's.

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    Agree with Dave the so called foreign restaurants especially Asian ones all "westernise the food" although the beer is sometimes not the imported westernised version but the real stuff (rare)

    colin 244

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