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Thread: Groupon Deal?

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    Default Groupon Deal?

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    Seems the case with many of the Groupon deals might be a better website name :-)

    Sure there might be the odd deal to be had though...
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    Looks like groupon have attracted the attention of the OFT

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    The more recent reviews are a bit more positive than those that Nick highlighted but still quite surprising for somewhere pushing itself as an upmarket Thai resort. At the price offered though, probably good value.

    I've bought quite a few Groupon deals, several excellent cheap meals, a few good country hotel weekends and some nice massage/pampering sessions. I've also seen several where the business just does not seem to have read the small print and not imposed any limit on sales, selling so many that they had no hope of meeting their commitments within the timescale, or without bankrupting themselves. Fascinating business model, though, which several others have since tried to emulate.

    I thought this 'deal' which I got yesterday must be in contravention of the agreement to check out the claimed pre-discount prices, but no, it was true. West Ham DO charge £43 to watch 2nd division football!!

    'Cheap' West Ham tickets
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