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    Hi all,

    Firstly many thanks to everyone for your kind words and support. The hospital called again yesterday afternoon basically just to say the blood tests had confirmed what we had already been told.

    As ever, Janny has amazed me with her resilience and is doing well. The dignified and polite way in which she dealt with the situation and staff at the hospital filled me with pride and she continues to make me a better person just by being around her.

    I am genuinely touched by the compassion shown for our situation by you all and I must admit to having a couple of wobbles yesterday reading through the comments; but truly they are very much appreciated and a huge comfort. Its at times like this that I realise just how much a part of my life this forum has become since joining a couple of years ago and I only hope I can return the favour in some way.

    Given time I'm sure we'll start trying again (nightmare I know ) and we'll put this down to bad experience and move on. That said I must call Janny and tell her there is no excuse for her not having my tea on the table tonight when I get home from work .

    Many thanks again from both Janny and myself


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    just caught up with this , sorry to hear your news
    bangkok mags


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