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    Default Thai/British passport problem


    I was wondering if anybody could help me with a problem my son may have. My wife and I and our 3 children came to Thailand for a holiday last week. When we got to immigration I handed over the childrens thai and british passports. My sons thai passport had expired in november. I thought the officer would stamp the thai for the girls and british for my son but he stamped the thai passport for all the children and wrote on my sons that it has expired under the stamp. Thinking this wasn't a problem as we were going to renew my sons passport in thailand. But when we went to renew it, we were told we couldn't as my son is not registered in a house book.( we previously lived in thailand but sold up and moved to the uk and don't possess a house book anymore). I phoned the british embassy and told them the problem and was told he could travel back on his british passport but have since read some posts on here they don't sound so sure. As we are leaving thailand very soon does anybody no what will happen when we try to leave and what our best options are. Any advice would be much appreciated.



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    Fairly certain what the embassy told you is correct, and that he will be able to travel back on the British passport. As for renewing the Thai passport, I recently renewed my son's (who is also not currently registered on the Tabien Bahn in Thailand) at the Thai embassy in London. The passport was renewed ok, although they commented that before next renewal he would need to be added to Tabien bahn. I guess they are not so lenient in Thailand itself though.

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    The problem with travelling on the UK passport is that it hasn't got an entry stamp in it.

    If you have time, you could get him registered on a tabien baan and then renew his passport.

    Failing that, a trip to the nearest immigration office to ask them how best to proceed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bifftastic View Post
    The problem with travelling on the UK passport is that it hasn't got an entry stamp in it.
    This is irrelevant. Simply produce the expired Thai passport with the British one when leaving.
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