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    Default UK Visit Visa help please


    Here's the brief, ive been working in Hong Kong for about 18 months, i went to BKK about 14 months ago and met Nong who works in a coffee shop that i used, I asked her out and we got on well, after me visiting Her many times from HK, in January she came to HK for a couple of months, I lost my job and needed to return to the UK at the beginning of April, we have discussed her visiting the UK, i am now working again, but am going through a divorce, my ex Wife is Danish and has gone back to Denmark with my two children, Nong has no property in Thailand, her Mum owns a house, and lives there with the rest of her family.

    thats as good as it gets!!!!

    Ive looked at the visa application and it looks daunting at best, the description above is as good as it gets, what are my chances of getting Nong's VISA, should i go it on my own or look at using an agent, if i get refused will it damage my chances of using an agent the second time around

    Sorry to ask so much in one go, but im in a bit of a spin not sure what way to go, HELP!!!


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    I think i would probably wait until the divorce is finalsed, Then i think you would have no problems. As to the Visa agencys i would stay away from them unless they are OSIC registered. You can check to see if they are registered by using the link below. However a visit visa is cheap so i would do it myself and all the information how to do it is on here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 9851colle View Post
    I think i would probably wait until the divorce is finalsed...
    Not relevant to the application, whatsoever.

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    I agree. The divorce has nothing to do with it. Just concentrate on your relationship with Nong. Get all the evidence together (finances, accommodation, relationship) and you will be fine. Follow the advice given on this site and you won't need to worry about refusals or agents fees.

    For my wife's first visit visa I thought our situation was complicated and considered using an agent.

    Thanks to the people on this site, we have now successfully applied for two visas and my wife is, as I type this, sitting on the sofa with me.

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    I would agree with the link and with Biff.

    The divorce has nothing to do with her application....

    However, there are things that may come into play, like……… any domestic complications that may arise around any jointly owned property (the same property where you still live and want your girlfriend to stay).


    Assuming you want to sponsor your girlfriend…. the estranged Danish wife and children who may legally have recourse to some of your finances, to the extent that you have insufficient funds left to be able to sponsor your girlfriend.

    Apart from that, go for it..... you don't need to use an Agent, you just need a concise mind and the correct evidential information.


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    Wise words above buzzz51 and for my input you do not need an agent as all the advice is or will be on this forum free of charge so to coin a well know slogan "why pay more"

    colin 244

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