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    Yes S, as Galahad also mentions, the BiB tend to pick on Thais as it seems to be an accepted practice by them and they just cough up. Whereas they see a farang and know that the likelihood of an argument or denial is more probable and might involve a trip to the station and associated paperwork, so they wave us through. After all, if they have to leave their roadside spot, it's tea money time being lost.

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    Caller, I think you've hit the nail on the head regarding Hua Hin. I have friends living there and I visit about once every few months. It’s a nice place with lots to do but it is over-priced for what it is. The traffic at weekends is awful due mainly to the lack of infrastructure. That said I enjoy a few days there as it feels like a holiday resort with its restaurants, coffee shops and abundant streets to explore.

    I've had few experiences with the police since I've been here but the ones I have had have been utterly gut wrenching. They're to be avoided at all costs. There is no level low enough to which they won't reach if they feel like it. I'm afraid I can't find any rose tinted glasses anywhere when it comes to talking about this mob. To me they are the scurge of society in any Thai town. However, to avoid as much trouble as can be avoided I'd suggest wearing your helmet, getting your license and being legal - all things you'd do in the UK anyhow.

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    Not really here. The " rozzers" in our local 20 set up shop using all the cunning at their disposal, normally directly outside their satani dumruat !!! Normally towards the end of the month, and they stop everyone. If farrangs want to argue its only a short walk to the "choky". I'm not sure what the Thai fine is but the farang fine starts at five long.

    The same police see me every day, red bike, expensive black helmet with internal sun visa, bright red sports bike jackets and sometimes a full red rain suit, I look like something out of motor GP, and they still stop me knowing I have everything. I am greeted with a big smile, which turns to a scowl when I say " by cup key, chai Mai ?" They then don't even usually want to see it and just say a stern, "GO", sorry chaps no digestives from me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by prikphet View Post
    Maybe I'm the odd one out but I've never even spoke to a policeman in 20 years of Holidaying in Thailand, let alone pay a bribe ??
    I think you need to wait for the policeman to talk to you
    Tobias - โทเบียส
    If you want to know where I am, follow me on my Thailand-UK Blog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galahad View Post
    If you have driven a car frequently on your sojourns to Thailand Prikphet and you haven,t been stopped have indeed been a lucky man.
    Use to Ride a scooter around Chiang Mai always wore bash hat and was never stopped, however as most of my time in Thailand is now spent in BKK and Hua Hin i let the missus drive and very good she is too - but she's never been stopped when I've been with her. (There's a curse if I've ever seen one)..

    Hua Hin is for farangs, Cha'Am is for Thais's ?? Try going when there's a Jazz festival on - its Thai's 10 to a room....

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    In fairness, Colin is right when he states that Cha am town is evidently more popular with Thais and it is much less geared up for farangs when compared to Hua Hin, which is of course, the reason those farangs that live there prefer it. Hua Hin is much bigger and is able to cater for all and sundry and is more popular with foriegn holidaymakers and expats.

    Whats funny is that many places that call themselves as being in Hua Hin, are not, such as the Dusit Hotel here:

    Note the address on the right? Not only is Cha am in a different province to Hua Hin, it stretches all the way down to the town, the border between the two is more or less marked by the airfield tunnel just north of Hua Hin, but all these places want Hua Hin in their name!

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