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    Default Any Thai teachers in the Newcastle upon Tyne area

    Hi all, I'm looking for a Thai teacher near Newcastle. I actually live in Washington but can travel. I would love to learn Thai so I can communicate better with my GF. Also if we get the visitor visa sorted out, I would want a teacher for her to learn English, while she is here.

    Cheers, Andy

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    You can do it on Skype without travelling. My preferred choice. Take a look here:

    Finding a good English teacher for a Thai is quite tough. The GF learned her first English in the hotel where she worked. Initially from Thais who couldn't pronounce it properly themselves. She speaks tinglish. Lots of work to undo it.

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    Cheers for that rasg "tinglsh" I like that one haha

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    The best English teacher I have found is in Bangkok. Guy called Chris Wright. He's been on TV and had his own TV show for a while. In his 30s but he is bi lingual. Thai mum and ferang dad. The GF spent a couple of weeks kicking her heels in Bangkok back in February and I sent her to his school for a few days to have private lessons. 1000 baht an hour on a one to one basis. It made quite a difference.

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    Its money well spent if it makes comuncating easier. I offered to pay for lessons last week when I was there but my GF said it wa too much money, It was only 400bht per hour but she said it was too uch money. I'll just book it next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasg View Post
    She speaks tinglish. Lots of work to undo it.
    Best thing you can do is talk to her the same way you would to another native English speaker. Don't simplify too much or she'll never improve and just continue on


    If you're successful with the visit visa my wife and I are only down the road in Sunderland if you want her to introduce her to a few Thai friends

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    That would be great toddmeister. I think that would help her a lot!!

    Cheers mate

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