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    Naughty High Speed Thai...and some help please

    Hello my English friends. I am from Australia ... sorry ... Australia ... yes ... a large country in the southern hemisphere ... yes, you colonized it.. No .. bloody Australia, not Austria...anyway, its not important until I mention the word "cricket' .. but I will leave it at that.

    I am attempting the High Speed Thai course and I was wondering what you esteemed linguist think of the course. Also, am I able to ask questions here? I will ask a simple one if I may. It is to do with 'tones". It would appear a letter (consonant or vowel) does not have a fixed "tone". eg Gor Gai I thought was spoken in a LOW tone but I am seeing some examples in words where it is spoken in different tones. Clearly I am a newbie (virgin) to the language but any help would be ever so appreciated. Time for another beer..cold that is!!


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    G'day Darren

    I'm not au fait with High Speed Thai and I'm hardly a linguist but I was taught the tone rules as I learned the different classes of consonanants and the long and short vowels when I studied Thai at Language Express in Ploenchit. I think that you'd need to master these rules too if you're serious about getting to grips with Thai. A middle class consonant, such as gor gai, with a long vowel gives a mid-tone. But when gor gai is accompanied by a short vowel then you get a low tone.

    Enjoy your cold beer!
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    Thankyou very much. I am starting to think that I may need to learn at a school so I can have the advantage of a teacher. If I may ask you for your opinion on this. Are you aware of a video lesson based course as I think this would be better than what I have at the moment. Again, thankyou very much. Darren

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    Sa-Wud-Dee Ka,

    You may be interested in our services. We provide comprehensive learning materials and support local teachers based in locations across Australia, the UK and Thailand. There is a lot of information available on our website so please check out the options, the example learning materials (materials include downloadable worksheets, audio, video and online quizzes) and our teacher locations.

    Let me know if you have any questions about getting started!

    Kruu Jiab

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    Hello there, Mr.Thai kangaroo.

    You can send me e-mail to ask any question about Thai language for free.
    I am a Thai conversation teacher.
    I could help you learn it. But I don't know how to send private msg to you on this site haha.
    If you like my lessons, you can donate your money to this poor girl

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    Sure. my email is [please exchange email addresses via private message]. Where are you located and can you teach the Thai language. cheers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hungry View Post
    But I don't know how to send private msg to you on this site haha.
    To send a private message hover your cursor over the name Thai Kangaroo in his post and then left click to get a small menu.
    Click on Private Message and it will take you to do just that.
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