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    Default shengen visa to visit portugal for GF on 3rd 2 vear uk visit visa

    Hi longstanding thai gf is on her 3rd 2 year uk visit visa,we spend winters in los and summers in uk I own a motorhome stored at my uk home and wish to visit some friends who stay in Portugal next summer when we retun.I understand we need apply in bkk,thats no problem as we in los till end of april,Just wondered what paperwork needed to apply for schengen and where easiest to apply,I believe they are only issued for 3 months I have done all uk visas for her for last 9 years by myself ,so understand the uk visa application but never done a schengen yet any advise appreciated,thanks

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    Will you be driving through France first. If so then she can apply to the French embassy 1st. Somehow we got a year one which may have been a mistake. You usually have to provide an itinerary and proof of any bookings. The application form is very small. Have a look at the link on the left hand side of the page.

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