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    Default Amnesty International Report Thailand

    This makes for pretty depressing reading of a country where I did once consider retiring to.

    I feel great sympathy for all those people affected by the dictatorship.

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    Sadly nothing new as far as Thailand is concerned. The only part I would draw exception to is that of the blame placed with the military. This has been going on for years before and whoever takes over (if ever) will continue the culture.

    The public live a very secular life and those below them simply don't exist unless there is merit or good luck to gain by offering something in return. Migrant workers, asylum seekers and foreigners in general are seen as an intrusion and untrustworthy.

    Freedom of speech is nullified at birth pretty much. You can't complain or question people older, richer and better looking than you so any kind of opinion is taken away before politics are involved.

    Torture and false imprisonment......Thai police have been doing this forever. The most corrupt force on the planet so again nothing new there.

    Politics, every time a party are democratically elected party are voted in the other colour starts throwing toys out the pram shortly before grenades.

    The military are no angels but in my opinion this report could have been written 10 years ago without a word replaced.

    It goes on all the time but if you were thinking of retiring there I can't see it affecting you unless you choose to get involved. If you live in an area such as Pattaya or Phuket I daresay you will experience some pretty xenophobic attitudes but the rest of the country are easy, if somewhat frustrating, to live alongside with.

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