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    Default Topping up AIS sim card from UK... it possible? Seems to me that every time I visit LOS my previous Thai sim card is no longer usable. Either the credit has run out or the card itself expired. This means a new sim card every visit with a new phone number. A minor inconvenience in the scheme of things but I was thinking it would be good to keep the current sim "topped up" so that I can continue to use it and keep the same number for future visits. Does anybody know whether this is possible?

    Mods; if this is in the wrong forum, apologies and lease move.

    Cheers - Allan

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    Can top up online , need to set up via Email or FB (Log in) and a payment method IE cards or PayPal etc..... I can actually remember my number so I want to keep it.... I can top Mrs as well , I found that out last time she went to her mams said she could nt get to top up the phone... so I did it online.
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    I have topped up my wife and her son's mobile in Thailand from the UK. I used and in the beginning Paypal worked. After trying for half an hour the last time I did it a while back I just used a virtual Entropay card that you can put cash on via a UK credit card and use almost anywhere in the world. I also use it for eBooks in the US that haven’t been released in the UK and also for Lazada in Thailand.

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    There is an app called ' my ais ' .not sure if you can pay with non Thai bank cards though.
    If you have a Thai bank account you also pay through its phone banking.
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    That's what I do- SCB Easy, Mobile Top Up.

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