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    Default Shengen visa / Iceland

    Hi there forum,

    I'm new to this - so please excuse me if my question seems stupid.

    So after a nightmare of a time, I managed to get my wife from Thailand into the UK - great start.

    Then I decided to take her for a holiday to Iceland (my favourite country for a holiday)

    And now I discovered that I need another visa ? A schengen visa ? Is this correct ? Even if we are married ?

    The reason I ask is that when I visited Switzerland in 2007 with her, we did not need a visa as we were traveling together...

    Many thanks in advance


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    I am surprised that your wife didn't need any kind of visa for Switzerland but your wife needs a Schengen visa for Iceland.

    You apply at the Danish Embassy in Central London if you want it free if your wife has a BRP. You can pay VFS or TLS but I liked it free and they did it while we waited and Sloane St isn't in the congestion charge zone...

    This is the guy I emailed for an appointment for a free visa.

    Danish Embassy. 55 Sloane St, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 9SR

    Please see No. 5 for required documentation for the application:

    Iceland is one of my favourite places but it does knock big holes in the credit cards.

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