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    Default New method to apply for a Settlement Visa

    UKVI have introduced new procedures for UK settlement visa applications from today. All settlement applications will now be processed in the UK. So, it's a matter of getting the documents scanned (by VFS, at a cost from next month), or by sending everything by post to Sheffield and providing a pre-paid return envelope. Passports will not go to UK, but will remain at the Embassy in Bangkok in assuming that the visa is authorised from the UK.


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    Is that good or bad

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    Sounds pretty stupid to me and will make processing visas slower.
    Were all the visa applications reviewed and completed in Bangkok or are they sent to the UK to be looked at? I thought it was done all in Bangkok.

    So instead of having it all sent by VFS you can send it yourself. Wonder how much extra that willl cost.
    No doubt the visa fees will still be the same so getting less for more whilst all charged in US dollars.

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    Considering there is a backlog of applications from EU citizens currently waiting "settlement" in the UK I would think it is a bad thing. It can only delay the procedure, but they say a decision will be made within 60 working days.
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    Well I will have to do a settlement visa for stepdaughter at some point in the near future so will get to try this out.

    I read that the documents can be sent before application is submitted or biometrics are done which could save time.
    Also, a a sponsor living in the UK you could if you wanted return home from Thailand with all documents and post them yourself and have them returned to you (save paying for international postage).

    The VFS scanning them all in sounds like the easiest and laziest way depending on how much that costs.

    For me this is an unneeded cost in both time and money for something that should come out of the extortionate visa fee.

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    It makes sense from a security point of view, assuming they have actually enhanced vetted the staff that will be dealing with these applications.
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