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Thread: BRP

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    Default BRP

    Hi, I'm a bit confused and hope someone can point me to the right direction.

    I'm married to British citizen and live in UK since 2009, got ILR in 2011/12 and done 'life in the uk test' also passed ESOL long time ago. I want to apply for citizenship later this year.

    My questions are:
    1) do I need BRP card?
    - if I need BRP will cost me £19.20 or £237, which one is it?
    2) do I need to do English test?
    Many Thanks
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    Welcome Gina
    My wife arrived full time in the UK in 2008 , she never had a BRP and I have no idea about costs, maybe your in the UK on old rules im sure someone will come along with more knowledge on this matter , you have passed LIUK test so that is out of the way , well done , as far as English tests go again someone with better knowledge than myself could answer ATM think people need A2 or above ...
    My wifes route was :
    2008 UK settlement / marriage to UK citizen -> ILR-> LIUK-> UK Citizenship-> UK passport (3 years)

    She applied for a UK passport on the same day as her Citizenship ceremony in London and had to attend a passport interview which I am certain she took in Leicester (I was away at the time)...
    Because of your time in UK you should be able to apply now if you meet the criteria IE proof of English / time spent outside of UK.
    Good Luck check this link if applicable ...
    bangkok mags

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