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    Whatever happens, you're living your life, respect.
    The clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary & Nok View Post
    16 days, lucky sod, wish I was going that quick.

    Have a good time, enjoy the experience but just keep your head on your shoulders and take care of yourself.

    Make sure to come back and give a report on how you enjoyed (hopefully) your trip.
    yes mate Ill post while im there to show ive not been robbed and dumped at a roadside

    Ill be thinking of you mate 14 days time from now ... will stay safe and thankful of your advice.. wish you could join us.. by the way the girlfriend knows about our chats and she said you would be welcome to the marriage ceremony in a years time .. first ceremony on Chiang Rai, second one in UK for my family and friends
    (that is if it all goes to plan) 14,884 messages recorded on FB messenger (HAHAHA VISA PROOF) thats ony in 2 months !!!

    speak soon mate and hope alls well with you and family

    - - - - - - - u p d a t e d - - - - - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by marshall View Post
    Whatever happens, you're living your life, respect.
    yes mate always have done always will mate.. no point regretting not doing something you should of done

    - - - - - - - u p d a t e d - - - - - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by KhunIanB-UK View Post
    Separate advice to the relationship advice, after you land visit 7-11 or Boots and get yourself some Soffell Anti-Mosquito cream about 50baht a bottle (£1.20 in Thailand, great stuff and saves the holiday being ruined by bad reactions to mosquito bites.

    Watch the spend in baht, tips etc, enjoy and hope all goes well.

    thanks mate im taking some stuff i use when fishing and hiking but maybe a native brand could prove vital

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    maybe a native brand could prove vital
    Soffell has been the only one that's proved to work for me and family. It's also like a moisturising cream and so use it after showering and liberally through the day. One trip, my daughter went out beforehand with my wife and got badly bitten, I arrived with the Soffell and no further bites after :-)

    Had a further read of your posts and wondering if you are aware of sinsod, emergency travel fund needs, family expectations, "face", seasons differences, way of life etc that can end up being a steep learning curve and best to be prepared for/enjoyed?

    I was invited on a fishing trip once and was looked at a bit strangely when I bought a fishing rod and kit, when got there it was everyone in the water with hands and nets.

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