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    Default E-Cigarettes and Vapourisers in Thailand?

    I have heard some reports about e-cigarettes and vapourisers being banned in Thailand and serious consequences for bringing them into Thailand, even for personal use. Looks like the law was introduced in 2014.

    Have seen reports of hefty fines and even court. This really surprised me as last year I was openly using a vapouriser outside of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Udon Airport and other places in full view of the Police and completely unaware of the "crime" I was committing.

    Is this correct? If so, think it would be useful information for all those who might fall foul of the law...

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    I heard about this recently but happily puffed away when I was in Thailand in 2015 and 2016. No problems in the airports at all back then and I bought two of them in a shop in Jung Ceylon when my batteries finally died.

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    There was a report on here (I'm sure) just recently (last few weeks) to say that the law was now being enforced and heavy fines imposed at the airport.

    Will try and find it but cannot remember what section.
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    My first visit to Thailand I was using my vape and wondering why I was getting strange looks. Later that night in the hotel I looked up and yes, they are illegal and even read reports of people being sent to prison for using them. So on that visit from then onward, I would only use on my hotel balcony.

    Further visits since, I have not taken my Vape and gone without.

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    Nothing surprises me in Thailand but I'm baffled that e-cigs are banned whilst normal cigs are legal.

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    The answer is probably that the tobacco industry have put money in the right places to have vaping banned.

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