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    Default Thai Passport for teenager living in Thailand with dual citizenship - paperwork

    My wife who lives in Thailand plans to bring our son, 14, to visit England. I live in England. They will travel on two passports, one British, one Thai, enter the UK on the British passport and re-enter Thailand on the Thai passport. The snag is the paperwork to have my son issued with a Thai passport. He was born in London. The current Thai government want as far as I understand things i) a version of power of attorney from me allowing my wife to make the decisions, ii) a photocopy of my passport, and iii) an original letter stating I am the child's father I think issued from the Thai Embassy. Has anyone else gone through a similar process?

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    On further thought on the version of power of attorney they must mean they want documentation showing that my wife has guardianship of the child with the care and control. Guardianship Order – an order of the high (or matrimonial) court stating she is the guardian with decisionmaking powers over the child - surely this would be a matter for the Thai legal system considering the child resides in Thailand.

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    I don't understand why they want that. In Thailand, the default position is that custody of a child lies with its mother so one would think that guardianship also lies with the mother.

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