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    Default FLR(M) -Children and Evidence of active role.

    I find this form confusing.
    My Thai wife and I have a dependent daughter who is a British Citizen but born in Thailand. My wife is here on a spouse visa and is now applying for further leave to remain. My daughter is not subject to immigration control and is not included in the application.

    Page 64 (Section 13 Documents: Children) says "If you have dependent children under the age of 18 in the UK must provide the documents listed below for each child...even if they are not included in the application:
    - Passport....
    - Biometric residence permit...."
    OK, so far but continuing on P65: "Evidence of where your child/children normally lives and that you and/or any partner play and active role in their upbringing."

    Just how much of the section on "Children" is relevant and, if it includes the part on page 65 how do I show we "play an active role in [her] upbringing?

    Any clarification gratefully received.

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    Without actually reading the particular sections and on the presumption that you are still talking about your British daughter, born in Thailand.

    That type of question usually refers to a Non British child who is seeking entry to settle in the UK and the child does not reside with its parents (usually because the mother is already in the UK). In that case, the parents, usually the Thai mother, has to show that not only is she the mother, she plays an active role in the childs life and makes all major decisions regarding the child, albeit, remotely. It is known as 'Sole Responsibilty' and can sometimes be difficult to prove.

    However, the question is still relevant where a mother and child/children are seeking leave to join the husband/stepfather in the UK as part of the same application.

    In your case though, as long as you are referring to your British daughter (born in Thailand), my opinion is that all such questions are N/A. All circumstances are irrelevant, she is a British citizen full stop and does not have to seek entry to the UK - it is her right.

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    Thank you for your quick reply. I am referring to my British daughter. What you say is entirely logical and how I thought things should be, but it's difficult to read the form in that way.

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