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    Default How long can a british citizen be out of uk before there benifits are affected

    Hello All

    does anyone know how long you can be out of UK before your benefits are affected?
    Ive read 13 weeks?
    I'm a Disabled British citizen, some UK people Ive spoken to here in Thailand have been here a lot longer they are in the same boat as me
    can any one answer please

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    If you are on Pension Credit it is only one month I believe.( George Osborne Nov 2015 budget I think)
    Can I apply for Pension
    Credit if I have come from abroad?
    When you apply, you must be living in Great Britain. You must not be ‘subject to
    immigration control’; this means that there must be no restrictions which would
    stop you receiving financial help from the State. You will also need to satisfy the
    Habitual Residence Test. There are some exceptions to these rules.
    If there’s anything you’re not sure about, please ask us.
    Can I go abroad and keep getting Pension Credit?
    We may
    pay Pension Credit for up to
    4 weeks while you’re temporarily abroad
    we may pay for up to 8 weeks if the absence is in connection with a death. If the
    absence is solely in connection with
    medical treatment or medically approved
    convalescence, we
    may pay Pension Credit
    for up to 26
    weeks .
    But you should tell us if you go abroad for any reason at all. This includes if you go
    to Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Island
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