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    Default FLR(M) decision letter query

    My wife and stepson applied for further leave to remain on Feb 23 using form FLR(M) and have today received the decision letter (so 7.5 weeks). However instead of referring to further leave to remain it says they have been granted limited leave to remain.

    Is this what everyone else’s letters have said? Just wondering if they’ve made a mistake and if it will cause hassle when it comes to applying for ILR or if it’s just how they phrase it, even though it’s further leave to remain.

    Also, they have been granted leave for 30 months this time. The first leave to remain was for 33 months. This makes a total of 5 years and 3 months - does anyone know if they can apply for ILR after 5 years (so 2 years and 3 months into this latest visa) or must they wait until this new visa is almost expired? I was expecting the latest visas to be for 27 months seeing as the first ones were 33 months.

    Thanks and congrats to everyone else who has recently had FLR confirmed and good luck to those applying soon.
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    FLR is limited leave to remain.
    They are eligible to apply once 5 years stay has been completed but I would apply just before it expires.

    My understanding is that the 33 month initial entry visa is so the applicant has enough time to locate to the UK.

    I have a question for you. If you completed the FLR via postal app how long was it until they sent the letter requesting biometric enrolment?

    congrats to your wife and stepson

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    Thanks. We received the letter requesting biometric enrolment about 14 days after posting the application. Not sure if that’s typical of how long it takes.
    I assume you’re about to apply or have just applied - good luck!

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    yes mine was about 2 weeks or the misses was,maybe something to look out for is the dates you can apply if before APRIL i would try and do rather than may/june as april is the time the fees usually go up .

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