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    Default Singing work for wife in UK question

    Hi All.
    my thai wife arrives in the UK next month (at last !!)
    she asked me if i thought there were any thai modern music groups in the UK that perform at events.
    she a damn good singer .. works at several of the Tawandang variety show locations in thailand singing every night ... singing is her passion and it would be a great shame if he had to stop. does make me feel guilty bringing her to the UK in fact as she could be a star if it was not for having a farang dead weight around her neck lol .
    it dawned on me that there are many thai festivals all over the UK. and possibly a shortage of good modern music style singers.. i don't really know how to classify the type of music other than compared to the normal dogs barking sounds i call issan music lol.. so i'd say modern thai pop music.. of course in thailand she has a full backing group, guitarist, drums etc etc on the team .. so she would be alone here either looking to form a group or join one.
    any thoughts guys & gals ?

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    If she is coming on a settlement visa then as long as she get's a NiNo, there is nothing to stop her working. As for how, well the local Thai community should be able to help, or just by chatting to the owners of local Thai shops. She could also ask on the Pantip Thai forum which has lots of UK members.
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    Where in this country will she be living? It would help to know for contacts.
    aka Spud / aka MF

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    Near Birmingham

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