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    Default British man charged over wife's death in Thailand

    A British man has been charged with manslaughter over the death of his wife in Thailand.

    Kevin Smitham, 51, from Nottingham, is accused of killing Kanda Smitham, 29, on Sunday following an argument at a house in the northeast of the country.

    Thai police told the BBC that Mr Smitham confessed to hitting, kicking and strangling Mrs Smitham but denies trying to kill her.
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    Familiar story sadly. Let's hope it is given the respect it deserves to be treated with due honesty.

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    Manslaughter !!
    For goodness sake what did he expect was going to happen when he was kicking punching and strangling her !! This is what happens with older guys with young wives who think they have bought them for life. 3 children as well unreal and very sad. They've lost their mother and was about to say their father to but thats no loss clearly

    If you cant control yourself dont drink. RIP to the Girl who looks somewhat familiar

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    It is stories like this that really impact me. so sad!

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