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    Default Any Directors of Ltd Companies completed Part 3C of Appendix 2 Finantial Reqs Form?

    I'm in need of a sanity check, I'm a director of a limited company, so logically question 3.49 on page 09 should be "No" as I'm not classed technically as self employed. Yet it seems this is the only section that I can complete. Are there any Directors of Ltd Companies out there who have completed this section?

    I know which docs I need to supply, it's just whether dividends are counted as income - question 3.58 i) Category F - or (most likely) as Additional Sources of Income question 3.61 or Non Employment sources Q 3.62.

    If 3.61 is the correct option, d) and e) will differ by 20 days due to my year end 31 March, and the date of my wifes Visa aplication 20 April. 3.61 option f) doesn't apply in my case.

    Anyone who has 1st hand experience of this, any information would be gratefully received.

    Cheers folks.

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    Im guessing the answer must be there somewhere - "Chapter 9. a) Subsection2.11.1b Article D3.2" or something - parts of this process are about as clear as pea soup.

    Deadline in just under 2days 17 and a half hours, I suppose I'll just have to take an uneducated guess as to what they want where and hope for the best. Perhaps another trawl of the .Gov website - see if it's actually clarified anywhere :-(

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    Sorted :-).

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