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    Default Settlement. Things to do upon arrival...

    My wife arrives next week.....finally. We will collect her BRP the next day and then look to register her arrival with the local authority, open bank accounts etc.

    Will the combination of her passport and BRP be enough i.d for this, as she will not have proof of address? Or is that on the BRP?

    Thanks in advance...

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    27 Jul 2014


    Good to hear that splendid news ace_rimmer.

    When Nok arrived in 2015, I wrote to my local authority and I had her name added to my council tax account. A new council tax bill with both of our names arrived within days. I used this together with her passport to open a current account for her with my local Nationwide branch where I also bank. The BRP is proof of her status within the UK and demonstrates that she is legally resident.

    The council tax bill helped when registering my wife with my GP as this proved that she lives within our GP practice's catchment area. The GP practice organised an NHS number for her with the local health authority. This was useful when registering with my dentist.

    Contact the DWP to organise a National Insurance number for her.

    If you can, try and get her name included as a joint account holder of your utility accounts. I had no trouble doing this with edf and with Thames Water but I understand that other members of this board have found that some utility companies are not so willing to do this.

    Make sure that you keep these utility bills and documents from official bodies (DWP, NHS etc.) as they are good documentary evidence which you can submit with her future FLR(M) application.

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    We had nothing but trouble opening a bank account for my wife. Nationwide was truly terrible and then First Direct created a joint account for us but not a sole account for my wife. Metro Bank changed all that. Walked in and we walked out less than an hour later with a debit card etc etc.

    When your wife has her NHS number apply for an EHIC card for the two of you. They are free and another letter from an official source.

    After a single call to my local council followed by an email my wife was added to the council tax bill.

    My wife is doing an ESOL English course which is yet more documentation. Try and space the paperwork out over a period of time if possible.

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    hi ace i think it does depend were you live and the local councils i had nothing but trouble with council tax but i eventually got her name added when i said to them that i want my single rebate put back on if they dont add her to the account ,The water board will put both your names on the bill no problem ,Banks i found easy and had 3 accounts opened easy when i got the bill from the water board ,barclays and nationwide ,gas and elec compainies not a chance even thore they have joint account holders they call them prehostical ,,if your like me and change every year or so for the better deal you will see that the comparison websites dont offer joint accounts ,they are willing to put her name on thore as a named person ,its to do with credit searches i think they have tried to enforce them but the govenment or industry blocked it ,just go on the sites lie a little when the question how long has she lived there say 2 years and bang the bills will be in her name ,no hard credit check ,Hey you will have lots to do so maybe spread this out over a couple months shopping will be the main one good markets asian stores im lucky have everything she needs local but raan thail are good if in the north west for online thail foods .you have some fun along the way ,just little things that will happen every time i turn tv on ive got turn subtitles off sometimes its bad enough listerning to football commentary never mind reading it lol,I would say dont rush out dragging her round banks and form filling all about her for a couple of months suppose i didnt have to say that get the ni number register with water then spend the next few weeks with her and do the rest at your lesuire ,good luck and many years of happiness

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    Pretty much the same as above.

    Added to Council tax bill no problem
    Registered with the local doctors, just filled in a form with a copy of passport.
    Requested NI number, again no problem after supplying a copy of Passport & Visa arrived within 2 weeks.
    Register with a dentist.
    If possible get mobile phone contract in her name (my wife didn't do this until she had already been here a while but they allowed her own contract. She had to pay 3months rental in advance
    My Utility provider NPower would only add her name to the account but it wouldn't show on bills so didn't bother
    Bank accounts - After some initial uncertainty when visiting the branch, my bank (Halifax) agreed to open both a joint savings account and my wifes own current account. They just asked me to sign a form confirming I had known her for a certain amount of time

    Things to do in addition to the "paperwork" side of things.......

    **Don't make the mistake of doing EVERYTHING for her** You'll probably want to initially. But if anything this may hold her back.
    Show her as much as possible that will enable her to integrate and be as independent as possible. For example how to use the bus/trains/metro etc. My wife now knows more about this than I do.
    Find the best Thai/Asian supermarkets or if there aren't any specifically Thai, Indian shops also sell a lot of Thai produce. My wife much prefers these to the big supermarkets and are much cheaper too.
    People will probably warn you about Thai friends (gambling & "share" schemes etc are a common issue). But she will need Thai friends, fact. Also be prepared for the bitching and fall-outs that will inevitably come between them.
    If your wife intends to work then word of mouth through other Thais is usually the best or easiest way to find it
    If you speak with her in "Thinglish" lol.....drop this as much as possible and speak to her normally to help bring on her own vocab (if needed of course)

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    I know you are probably fed up of application forms by now but I would seriously advise downloading your next visa application now.

    Try filling it in and discover all of the things you will need in 30 months time.

    I know the form might change during the next 30 months but it won't be that drastic and you could possibly save yourself future heartache (and money) for just a few hours work now.
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    27 Jul 2014


    I would firmly second that excellent advice from Gary & Nok. The time between arriving in the UK and then needing to apply for FLR(M) will fly.

    Setting up a file at home now to collect important documentation and correspondence etc. for FLR(M) will make the application much easier when the time comes to apply.
    "I can calculate the movement of the stars, but not the madness of men" Sir Isaac Newton

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