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    Default HRO on compassionate grounds??????

    Hello Everyone,
    I have just wanted to ask some further advice if possible.
    My uncle successfully obtained a visa for his girlfriend and her sister to visit the UK.

    They shared a wonderful 18 days, sadly she had to return to her job as a teacher after this. They are both keen to continue their relationship and she would like to stay in England longer than the usual 6 months.

    We have all spent many hours looking at the different types of visa and legislation to no avail.
    The situation is that my Uncle is disabled and would not be able to live outside of the UK, thus making the 2 year cohabitation rule impossible.
    It would seem the only chance they might have would be to apply for the HRO visa on the grounds of compassionate and insurmountable obstacles.

    It is hoped that the powers that be might allow them the chance to reach the two year cohabitation rule here in England under the circumstances.
    As his girlfriends Visa is valid until October and marked as multiple entry do we just need to complete the HRO form and pay the NHS charge etc?

    I am not sure if anyone can help, or has experience of this, but I would really appreciate any constructive advice. There seems to be no one to talk to, we even phoned and paid for the government visa helpline, who kindly informed us that all information was on the website and for more complex cases to deal with an independent immigration consultant.

    We have made an appointment to speak to a solicitor on Wednesday but it would be great to hear any information in advance.

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    Cleethorpes..the last resort.


    I think the only way forward is for your uncle to build a relationship with his Thai g/f over the next year or two..and then apply for a fiance visa and then a settlement visa..

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