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    Smile Thai Grand-daughter advise needed please.

    Hi all,

    firstly both Siyapha and I like to thank everyone for all the fantastic advice and help with various successful visa's from this great forum. My wife is currently in Thailand for couple months, as her work here in UK is seasonal.

    we have a 1 year old granddaughter that my wife has asked if we can look after here in UK, either adopt her or as legal guardians or ???? and i'm asking if is this possible and what would we need to do legally and immigration wise?

    My wife is concerned about their ability to look after her properly now and in the future. both parents are low paid and never seem to have much money.The child is well and always looks happy playing and smiling when ever i see her in photos or live video. However, her mother can be a little unpredictable(no violence) ad oftenjust disapears for hours / days, The mother has a 6 year old that she rarely sees (looked after by her own mother).

    I appreciate that this could be complicated and may even not be possible and believe me if my NHS pension was enough for me to fully retire (or even a win on lottery) we would be over in Thailand looking after her.

    Many many thanks in advance

    Stevie and Siyapha

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    See also:

    17. SET7.18 How do adopted children qualify for settlement?

    Adopted children.

    Guidance on how adopted children can become British.

    Adoption: nationality policy guidance

    Chapter 3: acquisition by birth, adoption or parental order (nationality instructions).

    It’s complicated. Apparently, from the first link, they are unlikely to grant leave for the adopted child from relatives. However, from the nationality links, if the adopted child is British, then the adopted child would have the right of abode and wouldn’t be subject to leave.
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    Thank you Vinny ,sorry there appears to be a sentence missing from my post Im sure it was there when i posted Unfortunately the child is not British, both parents are Thai. I will have a look at those links today.

    Would we not be able to bring her over as her carers if they made us her legal guardians or said they could not look after her or if they were to separate and the mother abandoned her? There is a real possibility she may leave altogether.

    Thanks Stevie

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    The old rules seemed to say:

    "In the case of UK-based adopters hoping to adopt a child which has been given or ‘gifted’ to them by relatives abroad, there is very little chance of them being able to bring the child into the UK. The UK’s international obligations prevent any acceptance of such practices. Even if a foreign adoption has been completed, the requirements of the Immigration Rules will prevent an entry clearance being issued to such a child."

    I think that it is unlikely that any forum member has up to date knowledge of this area and specialist UK based legal advice would be necessary. My feeling is that this is likely to be a non starter, but, as I said, specialist advice would be necessary.

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