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    Default Just got married

    What a last few days we have had after getting back from Iraq, a bit of a sometimes good and and sometimes frustrating few days.

    Ohm and I finally tied the knot after 3.5 years

    The Embassy visit went really smooth and the Female English Lady in there could not have been more helpful, I took my Divorcee Affirmation, My Absolute and my Passport with me and Ohm came along too as I needed her ID card also. I had to make an amendment on the affirmation which was written on my paperwork in pencil and thankfully it took me 5 mins, as on advice from on here I emailed myself a copy for such an occasion, thank you. After using their computer I was good to go.
    All in all about 30mins to walk out with my Certified Affirmation and Certified Passport copy. I think the price was 3450 baht

    When we left the Embassy we were accosted by a bloke selling his companies translating skills, rather than faf about we went with him to his office and listened to what he had to say, after a lot of questioning from me we decided to use them, I will not put the name on here but if anyone wants it then PM me.
    The price for Translating the Certified copies was 300 per page, then 400 per page for the MFA fee and 1500 for them to do it, take it to the MFA, sort out any thing that needed amending and re-submit. Then collect and give to me. The price on the paperwork could be the other way round. But the total was 2900 baht. I didn't mind paying as it saved me a lot of messing about at the MFA, it took 3 days from flash to bang.
    We also got them to sort out an Amphur for us to get married and get everything booked for us. Also when we had gone to find out what requirements were needed at Bang Rak they said that we needed an independent interpreter so we used them for this too.
    They booked us in at the Chatuchak District Office for 1300hrs yesterday. They were to meet us there with our paperwork. Which they had finally got after leaving me hanging on till 1800 the evening before the wedding. Due to something they needed to amend and re-submit. This wasn't the issue which had me frustrated, the issue was, was that they didn't keep you updated as to why its late. But anyway that was the only thing I could fault them with really.
    Once they got the paperwork back from the MFA they sent Ohm a photo of it on Line so I was happy and we were all good to go.

    We were meeting up with Ohms's brother and his girlfriend and he was going to drive us to the Amphur and they were both also acting as our witnesses for the marriage. We got there at about 1230, so we still had a bit of time, Ohm had bought her paperwork, all I had was my passport. The guy coming with the paperwork and acting as our interpreter was 30 mins late due to the usual bad traffic in BKK, but once we got going it was smooth.
    Believe me, it wasn't a fancy affair, we sat a desk in the main office while our terp and the lady behind the desk filled out a lot of paper. The guy who signs the paperwork came out and sat with us too, he asked me and Ohm a couple of questions, how long have we been together, where are we going to live, do we know why we are here? Then that was it, It took about 45 mins to finish all the paperwork and for us both the sign our lives away
    The staff and the boss who signs the paperwork were great, nothing flustered them and all I needed was the translated copies of my Certified Affirmation and Passport, plus my original passport and Ohm need a few bits too. I would recommend the Amphur, apart from the waiting to get all the paperwork done it was painless. As for my terp, he was good apart from the little bit of not letting me know what was going on the evening before. But he sorted it all out, did all our paperwork in the Amphur, and read to me some bits I needed to understand. The cost for him for the day was 4000 baht, again it was a price worth paying in my eyes, as it was stress free for me. The paperwork from the Amphur will also help to get me registered at the local Amphur at the village and go towards putting me on the blue book and getting my own yellow book and I think he said we have 3 months to do it, registering me I mean,

    Once done we had some photos in the building and then went out for some much needed food and a drink

    We are going to have a village type wedding/party once we get our house built sometime next year.


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    Well done and a pat on the back, wishing you both all the best. Any honeymoon plans ?
    PS I was asked if I " Knew why I was there, and what I was about to sign " For a brief moment I had thought about making a Jolly Jape, but... A) It would have went down like a lead balloon with the other signatory B) Confused the officials possibly putting a spanner in the works... A + B = C) I would never ever hear the end of it.
    bangkok mags

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    Thank you
    Ha ha ha, yes, I don't think it would have been taken well.
    No we are not going anywhere for our honeymoon, we decided saving to get our house built is more important for us at the moment, off to the village in a couple of days to finalise the plans and sort Ohm's new ID card etc out

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