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    Default Confususion with spouse application

    Hi all, i'm new so if this has already been asked then i'm sorrry.

    I am in the process of applying for a spouse visa for my wife who is in thailand at the moment and im in the UK now. I am getting mixed answers about how the supporting documents are sent. A lawyer here told me that i can send all supporting documents from here to Sheffield and all my wife has to do is attend the appointment and bring her passport. Then i remembered that her TB test and English test will be needed by me to send to Sheffield. I looked at the VFS website and they say that she will need to bring all supporting docs to appointment in Bangkok so they can be scanned. Is that right?
    Then they must be sent to Sheffield within 20 days. I paid £5 to ask a question by email to the UK immigration and they confirmed this, and also said i must include a prepaid self addressed envelope to the documents can be sent back to me or her. Does that include her passport with hopefully the visa inside? Because how are you supposed to pre pay for letter or package back to Thailand? It looks like i will have to fly out with all of my documents and then include hers and go with her to the appointment just to be sure. They don't make any of this clear when you are applying online, no set official instructions. Does anybody have any clear info please?

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    Hi welcome to the forum. After your wife goes to VFS get her to send her docs to you in the UK you can then add your docs and send the lot by Royal mail track and signed for next day delivery to Sheffield. That way you know how much it costs to send and can add in return package envelope and postage back to you, her visa is a Biometric residence card which she will need to collect once she arrives in the UK from a nominated post office. I believe that there is only a stamp for entry to UK goes in her passport now it is linited time period to us by. Not sure what happens to her passport as the VFS site seems to have changed since i last looked a week ago and is MORE confusing than it was. Hope this helps

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    Even if you did fly out to go to the appointment with her, they wouldn’t let you go in. She has to go in alone.

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    We applied for my stepdaughters visa on 22nd June.
    She had a 1315 appointment but due to delays ended up not being completed until 1500.

    She went with her supporting documents but all they took was her passport which she (me) has paid for it to be sent to her home address.
    This was taken by VFS and will be returned at end of decision.

    I am in Thailand for five and a half weeks so sent the ducuments to a friend to forward on.
    This cost me 3280 baht and they arrived on the Monday (2-3 days).

    My friend on my wife’s behalf has then sent these documents off to Sheffield via the post office.
    £11 to sent and £11 for pre paid envelope so £22. This will come back to our home address.

    If the visa is issued we will send the TB certificate and whatever else back to my stepdaughter so she can come to the UK.


    Screen showing the info for settlement visas which is quite well hidden on VFS site.
    It had me confused also.

    Hopefully this helps.
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    Unless the process has changed in the last 6 weeks your wife attends Appointment at VFS Global and takes her Passport which is retained. Below is a copy of the E mail confirming Appointment.

    Please bring:
    - a print out of your appointment confirmation
    - a signed print out of your visa application form
    - your passport
    - a tuberculosis (TB) test certificate if you are going to the UK for more than 6 months
    - if you are under 18, a signed letter of consent from a parent or guardian
    - any other documents to support your application.

    For further information about preparing your supporting documents for electronic scanning and digitalization at the Visa Application Centre please go to Supporting documents must be in English or you must provide a certified translation.

    After appointment and collection of BIO residence Information your wife needs to post any necessary documents to you in UK and you have 20 days to submit all Supporting Documents to Sheffield with a prepaid Special Delivery.

    Once the Supporting Documents are returned you then need to post the TB Certificate back to your wife for when she enters the UK after her Visa is granted.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the reply, but i was confused because there is a 7 page print off , all are pages with barcodes with the headers like Evidence of Accommodation. Which is all the stuff i provide. And they need to be brought to the vfs place to be scanned and turned into a pdf file. So it seems i must send everything out there. Otherwise allvshe will have is her passport, tb test, English test and maybe tabiean baen

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