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    Some may remember me having a serious legal hassle with a well known retailer of moblies, I had a bit of a discussion with tobias.
    They finally settled and a bit more, almost at the court room door. It was one of those cash back redemption schemes, although there were other issues.

    I,m just wondering about using another firm, the one with the fingure gestures ??????. Do they actually pay up ??
    assuming you actually cross all the "T"s and cross the "I"s.

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    Not sure about the P4U scheme, but I have had 2 others and they have paid up apart from 1 cheque that was requested outside of the time limit given, all those requested on time with the phone comapny invoices sent were paid in full.
    I sent all my letters with Proof of Posting and wrote this on the envelope, keeping the receipts and no problems.

    Will add that you do need to check the small print, you most probably need to send things off, a bit of admin (I am sure they hope you don't do it or delay it in which case you don't get the redemption), and you will definately need to keep track of when to make redemptions.

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    I fell for a scam with a 3rd party supplier, very attractive offers (!!) on 6-monthly cashback. Business ceased trading before my first payment was due, same guy has traded under various names with a similar business plan. Total loss was close to £500 as I still had to Pay 3 every month.

    Ironically, 3 themselves contacted me after I had agreed those deals with a far better offer with no cashback nonsense, basically a free contract if I keep my old handset which I was quite happy with anyway.
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