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    Bangkok Haunts
    John Burdett

    Format: Paperback 352 pages
    Date of publication: 21st May 2007
    Publisher: Bantam Press
    ISBN: 0593055446

    Sonchai has seen just about everything on his beat in Bangkok's crime-riddled District 8. But the video he's sent anonymously is something else. What he watches is a snuff film, and the person he sees die is Damrong, a woman he once loved and whom he still dreams about. And there's more: a twist at the end that turns the film into murder, and Sonchai into a man obsessed and - it becomes increasingly clear - literally haunted. His investigation forms a dizzying route from his own apartment - where he sleeps next to his pregnant wife while his fantasies deliver him up to Damrong; through the office of his corrupt and worldly wise boss, Captain Vikorn; to the backstreets of Phnom Penh where street gangs are only the most visible threats; to the gilded rooms of the most exclusive men's club in Bangkok, whose members will do anything to protect their identity, and to explore their own darkest fantasies. Caught in a multi-dimensional web of intrigue and deception, Sonchai confronts the terrifying consequences of a lesson he should have learned long ago. In Bangkok, nothing is as it seems...

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    the cover of this book, not the ornage one, surely has to win the price for best cover of a thailand related book?

    i think it's excelent


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