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    Thai Ways
    Denis Segaller

    "Thai Ways is an extremely valuable reference book for anyone who has ever been baffled or curious about a particular aspect of Thai culture (and that includes nearly every non-Thai in the realm). No matter how long one has lived here, one is likely to discover something new or gain a more complete understanding of something one thought one already knew well. A first class piece of work." - Steve Van Beek, Bangkok Post

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    This is a great little book which gives a valuable insight into some of Thailands customs and traditions. Each chapter is devoted to a different area of Thai culture and then is subdivided further into particular subjects so you can jump ;in anywere you like. Here are the chapters and subsections.

    1. Royalty and Nobility
    Ranks and Titles in Thailand
    King Mongkut of Siam
    Rachasap - The royal language

    2. Festivals
    Loy Krathong

    3. Ceremonies
    The Thai wedding ceremony
    Calling Blessings on a new house
    Cutting the Topknot
    After someone dies
    Placing the Bones
    Tam Boon at home
    Wai Kru - paying respect to teachers
    Buat Nahk - entering the monkhood
    Phansa - The buddhist Lent
    Making Temple Donations
    (1) The tod pa-bpa ceremony
    (2) Tod Kaithin

    4. Customs
    Some social Do's and don'ts in Thailand
    Khun: an everyday but deep word
    Some other social norms
    The Wai
    More elaborate forms of the Wai
    Music - Classical and Western
    Worshipping Brahma and other Deites
    Lak Muang - The log that helped to found a city
    Traditional Thai medicine
    Preserving Thailands traditional arts of self defence
    telling the time
    Lunar Months
    The twelve year cycle
    When a child is born
    When traditions intermingle
    Some like it hot

    5. Beliefs and superstitions
    The spirit in the banyan tree
    Curing a sick child
    The friendly little Jing Jok
    Beleive it or not: never on a Wednsday
    Trees and Flowers

    6. Legends
    The Ramakien
    An episode from the Ramakien "The floating lady"
    Chao Mae Sarmmook
    The Buddha's Footprint
    The story of Manohra
    The dog star and the chick star
    More local legends

    7. Families
    How family relationships are expressed in Thai
    Family life

    8. Thai Fortune Telling
    It's in the cards
    Your future in your hands
    Will your dreams come true?
    Thai astrology
    (1) Colours of the day
    (2) Acharn Boonchuey
    (3) Thai and western astrology compared

    9. Words and Language
    What's in a (Thai) name?
    The worlds longest place name
    Some sayings and proverbs
    The versatile Thai Child
    Words ancient and modern

    10. Miscellaneous
    Phra Pathom Chedi
    An unexpected English lesson.

    As you can see there's something for everyone, I liked the chapter on sayings and proverbs and was surprised at the resemblence to some of our own when translated. Just as a taster see if you can guess these

    Escape from a tiger and meet a crocodile
    When the cows gone surround the cattle pen.

    This book is a mine of information and I cannot recomend it enough. Written by an Englishman who has lived in Thailand for over thirty years.
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    Hi Danny

    Would you say the Thai Wedding Ceremony under section 3 is relatively in depth or not? This caught my eye as I'm going through a traditional Buddhist ceremony myself come September of this year and the most solid information I've found so far is on the excllent Thai culture Web site authored by Gor:

    Gor's Wedding

    When I read your review and saw that section mentioned I went straight to the DCO Web site to buy a copy but balked at the fact the shipping would cost just about as much as the book itself so am dithering a bit on that count in case there's nothing new to learn (on wedding ceremonies at least - the overall book sounds great regardless : )

    Having said that however I can always go look for a copy on the ground when I get back to Thailand shortly - just I'm an impetuous type at times when excited about a 'project'.
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    Hi Jim Jum

    No it's not really in depth as most of these stories were formerly newspaper articles. It basically describes the authors experiences when he accompanied his maid to her neice's wedding and is just over three pages long. (as are most of the articles)

    Certainly not worth buying the book for just this article alone. I don't know what part of Thailand your wife to be is from but it is worth bearing in mind that the ceremony differs from region to region. Good Luck
    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday

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    Thanks for the feedback Danny. I probably will pick up the book for the wider content but wait until I'm back in Thailand as I'll probably not learn much more than I have so far about the ceremony. I'm aware yes from another thread on the forum that there are variations from region to region but my wife is Bangkok born and bred (Interesting Freudian slip! My wife to be rather ; ) *grins* and as Gor appears to be from Bangkok also and the wedding detailed on his Web site seems to have all the components we have booked in for ours, I'm feeling relatively confident of knowing what's going to be happening : ) In fact I seem to know a great deal more already than my bride to be and my Thai 'best man' know! Should raise a few eyebrows and hopefully ellicit a few smiles when the foreign groom seems to know what he's meant to do when (massive instantaneous nerve induced memory losses aside!).

    Anyway to get my post back on topic I'll reiterate the review sounds good so I'll certainly be checking out the book when I get back there : )
    ~~~ Don't fight for a revolution the leaders of which would hang you were they to win ~~~


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