The King Kong Effect

An Adventure Set In Phuket

Paul Adirex

After his Thai wife was killed in a riot in 1992, Major Byron Clifford, an assistant military attaché at the American Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, resigned from the service and has self-exiled himself to live in Phuket, an island in southern Thailand. He owns and captains a sports-fishing yacht for charter. Four years later Clifford's younger brother and his fiancé died mysteriously on a small rocky island in the Thai Andaman Sea while on their way from Singapore to be married in Phuket.

Accompanied by Kamala Alston, a half-Thai half-American marine scientist who is doing a research on dangerous marine animals, Clifford sails on his yacht to the island where his brother died to search for a Conus geographus mollusk which uses its venomous darts to hunt for prey.

The discovery of several Conus geographus mollusks and the experiment with the deadly Conus geographus venom to prove its bizarre result known as the King Kong effect have put Byron and Kamala in dangerous confrontations with a love-jilted murderer, an ardent Singaporean shell collector, and a ruthless drug trafficking network of a Thai drug tycoon from the Golden Triangle and an Italian-American crime syndicate from New York who together plan to use the Conus geographus venom to assassinate the US president who is visiting Phuket.

Byron and Kamala must survive through a series of adventures in a race against time to foil the assassination plot and to save the US president from the King Kong effect.

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