Starts on Tuesday 31st August on Channel 4 @ 9pm with the second episode on Wednesday and concluding with episode 3 on Thursday.

Episode 3 goes to Thailand
In this final film, the police target slave markets in Britain, where women are traded, and close in on the international masterminds at the head of this global, multi-million-pound industry.

One of the few victims to come forward, 'Lily' has provided valuable leads, resulting in the arrest of her trafficker, the brothel managers, the man who 'ordered' her from Thailand and the organisation's banker.
Now the police are on the trail of the woman who bought Lily for £30,000, who they suspect is buying women from auction houses and slave markets around the country.

As the police hunt for a slave market in central London, knowledge of the trafficking operation widens. The network takes them thousands of miles from their regular beat, to Bangkok, where police in Thailand are also breaking up criminal gangs.

And, after months of intense investigation, the police operation finally secures convictions, and gives the police and victims a chance to reflect on their experiences.