My experiences of obtaining a new car and motorbike driving licence.

I went to the driving licence centre next to the Regent school on Tuesday afternoon to watch the motorbike driving test, as I knew I would need to take one. after watching it was quiet for new applications in the building, so armed with an international driving licence for cars only from the RAC in the UK, together with my passport,one confirmation of address from pattaya immigration, ( note the letter is valid for 30days, but if the permission to stay stamp in your passport expires prior to that , then the letter expires on the same day.) one doctors letter, two application forms (one for car and one for motorbikes) completed in english and copies of all documents, and not forgetting one wife to translate. We saw the ladies at the bottom of the stairs, they put everything together, stamped all relelevent pages and I signed where required, they gave me a number and off I went upstairs. I went to counter number one no queuing and she sent me behind her for the reaction test, colour blind test and depth perception tests. no movie to watch as i had an international licence,( THE MOVIE IS 2 HOURS LONG) back to desk number one, and after paying, my photo was taken and the licence for car was issued, no sweat so far, now to the desk at the rear, (where the movie is watched) as I had to take the theory test, multiple questions on a computer screen the pass mark is 23 out of 30 questions, a credit card sized card is issued which has to be pushed into the machine, plenty of time just re-read the questions as the English is poor. I passed on the second attempt, I was then finished for the day, to return the next day at 10.30am for the driving test.
The next day as I live a fair way from the centre I hired a bike from the shops opposite (100baht) a manual as no autos were available, and promptly turned up at the test course with all the other hopefuls, after a walk around the track, it was test time, I was at the rear, so I could check out how the others were doing, off I set, went around the cones ok but fell off the raised section, the tester stopped me as well as some others. I had to sign a book and was given a slip to return three days later.(The paperwork is valid for 90 days, and a three day wait is required between tests).
On this return visit again at 10.00am for testing at 10.30am, I went upstairs to retrieve my paperwork from the top of the filing cabinet next to where the movie is shown, the basket is marked foreign driving licences, the Thais retrieve their paperwork from a different location, back down stairs to retake the test, (a repeat of three days earlier), which i passed, I had to sign the book and my paperwork was returned signed by the tester, now back upstairs to counter number two, paid then wait to be called, photo taken , licence issued. job done. licence is laminated and for 10 baht a small plastic wallet can be purchased from the counters one or two.