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  1. apply for myself/apply for someone else?? help?
  2. What is the pass mark for the new KET english test
  3. Refusal of entry clearance
  4. Second visit same Visa?
  5. First visit visa agreed 2 week stay, stayed 5 months-Will it effect next application?
  6. Help needed for UK visa settlement self-employed regarding personal bank statements
  7. FLR(m) questions
  8. General visitor visa template form and notes
  9. Settlement form..
  10. Family visit to uk xmas
  11. is this the new application centre?
  12. Girlfriend Now Pregnant and recently returned back to Thailand, What to do next?
  13. Completing FLR
  14. Statement of Change 16 October 2014
  15. How long do I have to been employed by same company for settlement visa?
  16. what if a Thai Passport is nearing its expiry?
  17. Child Visa of a settled person
  18. Emails screen shots [OK for visa application?]
  19. Settlement visa..
  20. Working in Middle East how will this affect wifes settlement visa
  21. Emails and Skype records in Settlement application
  22. Translation of documents
  23. Khor Por 14 needed?
  24. Sponsor's birth certificate necessary in Settlement Application..
  25. A few queries about renewing a spouse visa - when to renew??
  26. Settlement Visa..a second photocopy of all documents necessary?
  27. FLR(M) application
  28. New Thai version of LITUK book now available
  29. Opinions/Help Needed about Accomodation - UK Settlement Visa
  30. Child settlement visa - a few questions
  31. Visitor visa - slightly unusual circumstances
  32. Premium service or normal service? Best option?
  33. Help getting Thai girlfriend (university student) to UK after first refusal!
  34. Settlement visa after Tourist Visa
  35. News story: PM announces new 24 hour visa service
  36. Travel insurance for mother in law UK visit?
  37. Advice - GF Mother to come visit for a holiday
  38. help with settlement visa
  39. Freedom to travel, best way..?
  40. Confused about time allowed out of the UK
  41. family visit visa
  42. Transit visa requirements are changing
  43. Submitting visit visa docs
  44. proof of funding?
  45. Student Visa to Spouse Visa
  46. Visit visa documents
  47. quick "dates" question
  48. FLRM - recourse to public funds
  49. Family permit for non eu spose.
  50. First tier tribunal adjourned for another 8 months for no apparent reason
  51. Getting married in Thai in May
  52. EU court decision on UK visa's
  53. Surinder Singh route, So many questions.....
  54. KET Failed again
  55. Spouse visa-Please help me on names for passport/TB test etc
  56. Thai Passport Application
  57. wage slips for spouse visa
  58. Settlement Visa..pay by credit card?
  59. payment method for spouse visa
  60. spouse settlement visa applicants financial satus
  61. spouse settlemant visa appendix 2....question 2.8 working in the uk
  62. New online settlement visa application form questions
  63. ILR,FLR and child benefit
  64. Settlement folder..one big A4 folder ..or 2 or 3 smaller ones..
  65. Periods Outside the UK after Settlement ?
  66. Surinder Singh from Ireland
  67. spouse visa application..my wife's different name
  68. Family settlement form VAF4A..difficulty with questions
  69. Appendix 2 Financial requirements form
  70. TB appointments booked online now..
  71. Frequency of Visit Visas ?
  72. Original TB certificate with settlement visa..
  73. Copy of all passport pages..
  74. Financial requirements for pensioners..
  75. spouse visa application ..advice needed on obtaining a floor plan?
  76. Visit visa advice - am I overcomplicating things and worrying unnecessarily ?
  77. Could not register on Visa4UK website
  78. Too much evidence in Settlement folder.
  79. spouse visa application... spouses id card & passport
  80. A word of caution [translation service near MFA]
  81. VFS application centre and Google maps
  82. IOM online registration on an IPad
  83. Mistake on printed settlement application
  84. uk spouse visa... wife's employment history
  85. Decision email
  86. NHS surcharge
  87. Just back from VFS
  88. Visiting Ireland ?
  89. Family Visit Visas for Wifes Parents
  90. Test requirement for FLR
  91. Settlement visa fees and online tracking of application
  92. Visit visa - original land docs needed?
  93. spouse settlement visa..my wife's mothers details
  94. Please help - English Language Test & supporting docs for visa
  95. TB Cert for UK Settlement Visa - IOM Bangkok - our good experience and a warning!
  96. confussed on filling in the appendix 2
  97. First contact from VFS office after submitting documents.
  98. Calculating the Financial Requirement for Settlement Visa
  99. How many overstay?
  100. Fiancé Visa - Upgrade/Re-apply to Settlement Visa - Help
  101. uk spouse visa...documents that need to be translated
  102. Problem with Visa Extension
  103. Child settlement visa - complete whole VAF4A form or not?
  104. Settlement Visa granted..
  105. Need advise on the appeal.
  106. Tourist Visa Advice please
  107. Child settlement visas granted
  108. VV Granted Very Quickly.
  109. Please help with visit visa, some advice needed.
  110. spouse settlement visa. my wife current financial comitments
  111. Settlement Visa - Address to use on Cover Letter
  112. Girlfriend pregnant, need advice please.
  113. FLR extension or overstay. What to do??
  114. Visit visa turned around in 5 days
  115. i think we are ready for our second attempt for settlement visa, please advise
  116. spouse settlement visa ... accommodation question
  117. I feel sorry for this couple - Thai woman being deported
  118. Pregnancy & Visa Solution - Help
  119. Thailand friend to UK general visit visa
  120. visa4uk site [who should register for visa?]
  121. Tax returns and next visa?
  122. English Language tests for settlement visas are being reviewed
  123. Tourist visit visa for Thai boyfriend
  124. Passport Pages - Settlement Visa
  125. [Which] visa [do we need to apply for?]
  126. Assistance for FLR
  127. Online bank statements acceptable?
  128. Changes to visitor visas..
  129. Nearly Completed wife Settlement Visa Application - Final Check
  130. 10 Year Criminal Record Check Required for UK Visa
  131. World location news article: Changes to Secure English Language Test Providers for UK
  132. last bank,credit card & utility bill statements before spouse visa application
  133. Fiance Visa - Self Employed - Total 2 years or 2 years individualy
  134. Cost of visa for child under 18 to come to settle in the UK
  135. Can th mother with no income be the sponsor for the child settlement visa aplication?
  136. Possibly already registered with visa4uk?
  137. URGENT - completing appendix 2 for child settlement visa
  138. close to completing spouse visa application form but need help
  139. Help help help problem printing application
  140. As sponsor do I need to send my passport with the child visa application?
  141. spouse visa appendix 2 questions .....need clarification
  142. a couple of last questions about VAF4A form before i submit
  143. Extension Question
  144. Refused Visit Visa - Appeal or Settlement
  145. Affirmation of freedom to Marrry..online appointment
  146. UK settlement visa processing time: 2 weeks
  147. spouse visa appendix 2...need help with question 1.19
  148. UK Child Settlement Visa Application - Our Por Kor 14 that never was.
  149. crossing out account numbers on bank statements?
  150. Help with Visitor visa refusal
  151. VAF4A form questions
  152. How to index a UK child settlement visa
  153. Opinions on my UK Child Settlement sponsor letter and cover letter from mother
  154. Family visit visa
  155. [Has anyone had any luck with the 5 year tourist visa?] Quick question
  156. FLR
  157. KET Test - UK Visas
  158. Breakdown of KET results needed?
  159. World location news article: 24 hour UK Visa service launches in Thailand
  160. Need advice
  161. Visiting the Isle of Man
  162. Changes to visa process for applicants travelling to the UK for more than 6 months
  163. Getting the g/f a visitor visa. Much advice needed!
  164. Advice needed on how to start the groundwork to apply for a visitor visa next year
  165. recieved email from on spouse visa from vfs today but need help
  166. Another Visit Visa Advice Thread
  167. The time has come for FLR(grrrr), grateful for any advice.
  168. Second refusal visa..... Advice all welcome good or bad.
  169. Family visit visa under 6 months
  170. visa changes
  171. spouse settlement visa granted
  172. Trip to Thailand via Amsterdam with Thai wife.l
  173. First time application for a visitor visa
  174. uk visit visa easier after previous trip to denmark
  175. IELTS for settlement visa
  176. UK Settlement Visa Application Costs from 6th April 2015
  177. My wife was given someone esle's visa in her passport
  178. Trinity A1 English accepted for spouse visa
  179. Biometric Residence Permit
  180. Bank Statements- 28 day rule
  181. Fiance Visa - Currently in the UK
  182. Visa refusal due to girlfriend missing evidence on how she maintain herself
  183. Allowed to apply for settlement visa before tourist visa expires?
  184. Settlement Visa NHS Surcharge
  185. Settlement visa questions
  186. [Settlement Visa Refusal] Joke Of The Day
  187. How to contact UK Visas Service in Thailand after application submitted or rejected
  188. Settlement visa for the uk
  189. thai people to come and work in the uk
  190. UK Visit visa for Laos girlfriend, sponsors requirement?
  191. Settlement Visa
  192. mfa
  193. Interview Language
  194. Should the VFS check docs are present for an application
  195. Marriage and UK settlement visa
  196. Online Visitor Visa Form Questions
  197. [FLR] Process and Holiday Dates
  198. How to pay VFS for premium service?
  199. visa [agency recommendation]
  200. Standard Visitor visa - Girlfriends Cover Letter
  201. flr/ilr for teenager
  202. Current settlement visa processing times
  203. Second visit visa questions
  204. Passport for settlement visa
  205. Settlement visa bank statements
  206. I'm self employed, can I sponsor?
  207. financial requirement for I.L.R.
  208. UK visitor Visa for new Thai girlfriend.
  209. VV Application for Cambodian GF
  210. Sponsors letter for Standard Visitor visa
  211. FLR in approx 1 year but very worried - help
  212. NHS Surcharge - L2R
  213. UK visit visa
  214. Indefinite leave to enter dates on visa question
  215. Translating supporting documents for visitor visa
  216. Getting passport for my newborn baby in UK
  217. Accommodation suitable when applying for Leave to Enter for Settlement.
  218. Visit Visa Change of Planned Travel Date
  219. Visitor Visa
  220. Certified copies of supporting documents
  221. UK visit visa,stay duration.
  222. FLR and the English language requirement
  223. Visit Visa: advice needed please re accommodation
  224. Visit visa previously refused now applying for a settlement visa
  225. FLR approaching and redundancy pending
  226. Need advice on Spouse Visa financial requirements.
  227. Leaving Thailand without a visa
  228. No Interview
  229. Changes to english requirement test.
  230. Documentation required for my Thai wife to obtain a spouse visa
  231. Processing time for a Visit Visa
  232. uk visitors visa -looking for advice
  233. To BRP or wait...
  234. Second uk visit visa advice please
  235. My partner's application has been approved! But someone removed a passport page...
  236. Wife's parents visit visa
  237. Financial requirement query
  238. Six month multi entry visa given
  239. Affirmation to marry.
  240. Last FULL Financial Year - Self Employed
  241. Documents for spouse settlement visa
  242. Spent Criminal Conviction
  243. Visa for wife's friends daughter - help required please
  244. Financial requirements fo FLR M
  245. Current waiting time for spouse visa
  246. Grey area with my wife's visa application
  247. Documents required from family - final clarification
  248. UK Visa for Thai Girlfriend
  249. Minimum Income Requirement
  250. Documents required for UK LTD - final clarification